Who called from this phone number: 7180241923 ?

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anonym - about: 6307087557 2018-09-13 17:07:25

Wont stop calling even after requesting to be taken off calling list.

anonym - about: 070319%2083789 2018-09-13 17:07:25

Fraudster is requesting quotations with the intention to order goods using the e-mail addresses, and You are strongly advised as follows: • Do NOT process any documents, particularly requests for quotes or invoices containing the addresses and or any similar suspicious e-mails; • Only accept Purchase Orders for goods, service and works requirements via the University’s e-Procurement system; and • Forward all communications regarding the above or any other scam to the Metropolitan Police Action Fraud squad; • Forward this e-mail to your trade association or Chamber of Commerce requesting that they inform their members of the fraudulent practice.

anonym - about: 01895845420 2018-09-13 17:07:25

An Uxbridge number. When I called back there was a recorded message saying Joanna was not available.

anonym - about: 8147259991 2018-09-13 17:07:25

keeps calling and doesnt say anything

anonym - about: (306)%208214401 2018-09-13 17:07:25

This number has my stolen iPhone, I'd like to know who this number belongs to.

anonym - about: 2624561757 2018-09-13 17:07:25

Keeps calling frequently multiple times in a short time span. Leaves no message, and if I try to call back, I am immediately disconnected.

anonym - about: 5015455823 2018-09-13 17:07:25

Keep calling. Map says they are walking, near my house. I need a name, location

anonym - about: 03331368483 2018-09-13 17:07:25

Don't known who this number belongs to and they are not leaving a message.

anonym - about: 3364373861 2018-09-13 17:07:25

It called my wife's phone and she called it back, then she left early to go to work

anonym - about: 0802%20190%200000 2018-09-13 17:07:25

Each time the number calls and I pick up my phone the caller doesn't say anything and after some seconds the caller hangs up.


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