Who called from this phone number: 01567278028 ?

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anonym - about: 8042985667 2018-06-01 20:10:43

Just looking

anonym - about: 9542813323 2018-06-01 20:10:43

Telemarketer calling from the "Medicare Department" selling Part D insurance. Not from a reputable insurance company, just a phishing cold call.

anonym - about: 01345545544 2018-06-01 20:10:43

01345 545544 keeps ringing and asking to deceased family member. Indian-sounding woman "Rachel" --- Asked to remove my number several times. Why can't something be done about these nuisance calles?

anonym - about: 404.522.8600 2018-06-01 20:10:43

Have been scammed by them

anonym - about: 01617666124 2018-06-01 20:10:43

Male caller phoned at 07:26 claiming to be from Talktalk. I said you are not phoning from Talktalk. No further communication and call cut off by caller.

anonym - about: 0049256122563 2018-06-01 20:10:43

Silent call, ending after a while with a voice saying "Goodbye"

anonym - about: 5617021035 2018-06-01 20:10:43

i found out a blocked this number but i dont remember ehose this was

anonym - about: 01383887101 2018-06-01 20:10:43

Called me at 16:10 today saying they were from talktalk. Fifth call of this type in last two days. Played along with them. Asked me to open event manager and said all the error entries were people trying to hack into my computer LOL. Said I should quit page immediately. Then asked me to run the command www. teamviewer . com (no spaces) I know this is a remote control programme site so told them to stop wasting my time and that I was no longer with talktalk. The phone number I have is ex-directory so suspect it is one of the many that were hacked from the talktalk database the other year - even though talktalk said my details were safe.

anonym - about: 8506260634 2018-06-01 20:10:43

This # has called my cell phone a few times the last 2 days & hasn't left a message.

anonym - about: 01259723403 2018-06-01 20:10:43

Just want to see if this is the campsite we have booked


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